Our Research "Big Questions"

UKWIR Big Question

Our Research Vision

We will, working in partnership with others, take the lead to ensure the relevant research is undertaken for the water industry in a robust and timely manner in order to deliver health, environmental, economic and social benefits of value to its customers and stakeholders.

Vision for our ‘Big Questions’

We want our Big Questions to focus research efforts to enable water companies to provide a world class, sustainable service to their customers whilst ensuring those involved with water research know about, understand and support our Big Questions, and want to help us to answer them.

Our Big Questions

  1. How do we halve our abstractions by 2050?
  2. How will we achieve zero leakage in a sustainable way by 2050? 
  3. How do we achieve zero interruptions to water supplies by 2050?
  4. How do we achieve 100% compliance with drinking water standards (at point of use) by 2050?
  5. How will we deliver an environmentally sustainable wastewater service that meets customer and regulator expectations by 2050?
  6. How do we achieve zero uncontrolled discharges from sewers by 2050?
  7. How do we achieve zero customers in water poverty by 2030?
  8. How do we ensure that the regulatory framework incentivises efficient delivery of the right outcomes for customers and the environment?
  9. How do we become carbon neutral by 2050?
  10. How do we turn all wastes we receive and generate into products by 2030?
  11. What is the true cost of maintaining assets and how do we get this better reflected in the regulatory decision making process?

If you would like to know more about our Big Questions, or think you can help us to answer them, then please contact us at mail@ukwir.org.uk


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